Only English, last updated: November 22, 2016

How to play?

Place a bet. Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier.

Be careful as the game can crash at any time, and you'll get nothing!

The minimal bet is considered 10 coins and the maximum 100000 on one game.

What is a coin?

A coin is a one thousandth of a dollar ($0.001). Coins are backed by Steam skins and have no value outside of it.

You are able to deposit and withdraw coins at any time by going to your account page.

Our referral system

You need to choose a referral code that's between 4 and 20 characters.

Your referral code cannot contain any offensive words and it cannot decieve other users eg. 20kcoins.

Referral codes not complying with the rules will be deleted.

How do I deposit skins for coins?

To deposit, head over to your Account page. Make sure your trade link is properly set. Once you’ve done that, go to the Deposit page, select up to 20 items and then hit Deposit button.

Keep in mind that some low-value or low-popularity items are not depositable.

Why are some of my items missing from the deposit page?

You might need to refresh your inventory by clicking the “FORCE RELOAD” button on the top right of the Deposit site.

How do I withdraw my coins to skins?

Go to the Withdraw page, select up to 20 items and then hit the Withdraw button.

If you happen to decline a trade offer, coins will be credited back to you account immediately.

How are item prices determined?

Item prices are taken from the bitskins, taken as average of the last 7 days.

Some low-value items might be underpriced to prevent using our site for trading up items.

House Odds

There is a 2% chance that the game will stop on 1.00 with all players losing.

You can calculate Your chance of winning using this formula:


With x being the multiplier You want to cashout on.

How to send coins?

It's really simple, just type in chat:

/send [STEAMID64] [AMOUNT]

You must bet at least 50000 and deposit minimum 4000 to send coins between users.

Animation shows wrong number?

Sometimes it shows wrong number but it is caused by delay between server and user.

You can check if it was delay by pressing F12 and check console logs.

If i think im smarter than the system, is it cool?

In extreme cases, your account balance may be reset by admins if you abusing the system or you using bugs to gain balance.

Can I withdraw?

For now you need deposit $4 before withdraw.

Why I need deposit? Because we are filling bots with items withdraw will be available soon